Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's good It's good It's good to be a faci :D

Hey, It's me again!

After conducting an intense root cause analysis on my life straight-away I thought of writing something I did for the first time in my life :) Hope you remember my blabber about faci-ing in a local conference for the first time? Yeah right? To name it it was JXLDS 2010/11 and was organized by J'pura Local Committee, AIESEC in Sri Lanka.

Let me give you the objectives, outcomes and key messages which was given to the delegation.


  • Give the delegation a sound knowledge about the hierarchy of AIESEC in Sri Lanka and Globally
  • Brief them about the way that all the positions connect with each other


  • They should get a motivation that they too must be in that hierarchy
  • knowledge about how things happen and to whom they should talk when an issue occurs

The Key messages that has to be delivered

  • AIESEC is a global organization
  • We are a branded organisation.
  • AIESEC is a registered organization in Sri Lanka and globally

Talking about the experience and the understandings as a faci was totally new to my life. You are responsible for the learning of the delegation so you have to give it the best of you. How to do it? How to bring out the best of you? I have 3 key steps becoming so.
  1. Perfect Practise
  2. Perfect Practice
  3. Prefect Practise
Yeah, * Prefect practise makes it perfect* :) and talking about keeping the delegation awake in a very technical session just after lunch? :D Here's the trick! You have to making it more interactive. Though you don't find much to interactive in the content of the session at least ask a few question hear and there randomly to keep the suspense :P Start of the session is curial obviously. If a delegate fall asleep it spreads just as a disease and I know it by experience hahaha :D

To make it perfect try to start the session at time and finish it on time :) coz punctuality matters on a conference no matter it's International Congress or a Local Conference like JXLDS 2010/11

Have to thank my fellow faci Chathurandi De Seram for accompanying me through-out the whole session and I believe she too had a wonderful and an unforgettable time during the conference.

So I thought of sharing the ppt we used for the session and here it is and the basic explanation is understandable from the ppt itself.