Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love at first fight!

Hey guys,

How are you? Hope you guys are having fun and looking forward for some existing stuff with the start of the next week :) I very much could say that I had a really twisting week and let the people who know it already will be the only people who'll ever know that but no one else hehe A bunch of things I did for the first time in my life :D

Well this is an exciting time period for any @er as this is the time period of transition and I here by wish the elect MC and all the elects of the LC EBs a wonderful term ahead and they are bound to smash all the achievements of the previous term which is 2010/11

And yeah I hope you guys are curious about the title of the post believe me so am I :) A facebook profile picture of one of my friends reminded me of something happened to me almost 2 years back. This is the photo I spoke of.

I don't wanna run through any details here. but it all started with a fight over a sugar cube and it was love at first fight but I was too proud to admit that and now the whole story has gone upside down and I quote that it's "Hate at last fight" Frankly whatever happened or happens all the memories will be stuck in my memory for good or for worse and I love it :)

Life doesn't has to stop anywhere! So the life moved on not me :D

Cheers and see you in few weeks time!