Monday, June 27, 2011

Unilever Career Day organized with AIESEC

Hey guys,

As an active member of AIESEC this is like the last major event I took part in and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts here about the event and everything. Well this is not the first time I have seen a promotional campaign done by Unilever within the universities to attract potential candidates to their annual management trainee recruitment program which usually takes place in the mid July. And this time around Unilever partnered with AIESEC in this massive recruitment drive which is beneficial for both the parties.

The event took place on Friday, June 24th 2011 in the New Arts Theatre [NAT] Hall ,University of Colombo from 9.00am to 4.00pm as a full day event and which is quite unusual just for a recruitment but in the agenda for the day there were few interesting sessions with intriguing topics, Panel discussions and Personal experience sharing as well. So this wasn't a typical "This is who we are" kind of a promotional campaign but more of a "Come and see who we are and take something back with you when you leave" promotional campaign which is quite good for the brand name Unilever as well.

The whole event was promoted with social media (mostly facebook) and off-line poster promos as well. Then again the registrations were online ( which was quite effective. And when it came to the sessions starting with the
Introduction to Unilever by Mr. Thalib Caffoor the energy and livelihood was there and this was a very strong brand promotion I would have ever seen and the effects of lighting were even used in favour and made me realise how many brands of Unilever I use in my day-today life which I hardly knew as well. Kudos goes to the speaker Mr. Thalib Caffoor, Director Finance. The panel discussion was followed by the presentation and it was hosted by non other than Ajanthan Sivathas, One year senior fellow graduate from University of Moratuwa who is currently in the MT program of Unilever and alongside him it was Sandamali Perera, Gayani De-Alwis and Asanga Ranasinghe. The topic was "What do Industry Expected form a young Graduates" and I should say that the delegation took the most of this discussion as questions were pouring off the limit even though a screening was done to ensure that no same questions will be asked twice or more. The panel made sure that they answered most of the question in the allowed time for the discussion and the unanswered ones would be answered during the next sessions to come on the relevance. The discussion was very informative and it was like awesome if you are planning on to apply for the MT program as well. The next session was the most awaited session on the day to be frank and it was about the Unilever Management Trainee Process by Chathurika Amarakoon and Inoka Dias. They thoroughly went through with all the 5 steps in the process which are namely
  • Application
  • Aptitude Test
  • Assessment Centre
  • Final Interview
  • Welcome On board
All these steps were explained extensively during this session and we broke out for lunch. Reuniting after the lunch was the time to introduce the largest student run organisation of the world - AIESEC which was done by Niradh Perera, the elect Member Committee President for AIESEC in Sri Lanka and then after the ice was broken by Ashan Jenabdeen with a rain dance :P All were set to step into the next session which was on Personal Branding was done with referral to a conch shell was quite interesting Ramani Samarasundera and she spoke about how to be the unique person just by being yourself wherever you go and whatever you do which was seconded by a Management Trainee who expressed herself in the last session My life at Unilever-Management Trainees sharing Experience. All 4 of the Trainees weren't hesitant to mention about the though challenging situation of actually being selected to the MT program but in a very positive and an enthusiastic manner. It was quite evident that Unilevers' walk the talk and an interesting point was emphasised which is that out of the 4 MTs who were sharing their experiences 2 had local degrees and other 2 had degrees out of the country. This shows that anyone is compatible to apply and be successful at Unilever MT program :) The day came to an official end with the vote of thanks plus a give away of a gift back for the delegation plus the organisers and I loved the gift pack too :D

Then again we ended up the with the AIESEC style of finishing an event with quite a few AIESEC jives and Damn I realised then only how an Alumni would feel when we used to dance all those new dances. I was a bit away due to a personal reason from AIESEC and damn 2-3 new awfully sexy jives has come up on the stage :D I shouldn't be much away as all those so called persona matters are dissolved for good! And this event was like the PERFECT ending point for quite a few AIESECers who were present at that day but we know still the take over is gonna be glorious this year! :)

Few points of improvements as I saw the event.
  • Registering delegates were still a trouble so use more resources (human and technology) at the registration stations
  • When you are registering the delegation online make sure the website/link is 100% functional at all the times and acknowledge with an email if possible with the seating arrangement if it's important. (Just an idea of mine)
  • Few complains about the food saying that it was spoiled and so on. Take care of that and that's all :)
And Better yet the event was so glamorous and it's a hot topic still :) Hearing more regrets on not being able to participate and so on. Organising committee has done a tremendous job and kudos should go to them without a doubt! It's too bad that I don't have any photos to show off here but when they are uploaded to social media I shall post a link here as well.

Thank you letting me be a part of this wonderful event and I'm signing off from this post.

When you see this blog next time it'll be a completely different one I promise :D
Keep AIESECing!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Journey!!

Hey friends,

How you guys have been? Except for the fact that super busy? :D It's the busiest era for an AIESECer with the transition activities and planning and so on and so forth. I couldn't write much here so I thought of saying few words about my journey in this wonderful organisation but briefly. As per another reason these are the last few days of my AIESEC life and even I need to look back and reflect on things happened during the last 3 years :)

I got to know AIESEC via a classmate and a good friend of mine, Keheliya and by that time he was super involved with AIESEC and then again I joined in my 2nd year. Purely to the fact that I was too busy concentrating on my academics and making good grades in the first year though I knew where I wanted to end up for the rest of the 3 years were more than achievable. And Once I got to my 2nd year the rat race was off and I had plenty of time left. I thought of investing it to something out of which I'll be able to give something back to the society and at the end of the it develops me as well. So AIESEC was my no1 choice without a doubt simply coz I was amazed by the charms of Niradh (Who's the elect MCP for the Term of 2011/12) :P Yeah he was a batch-mate and it made me get to know about AIESEC and learn about it more!

If I reflect why I joined AIESEC initially is that the way they presented themselves. It was quite unique and that uniqueness had an attraction for this organisation as well. To be honest the 2nd reason was non other than the eXchange program and yeah it surely was an eye-catcher! I was ready to go on exchange then and there literally and the thought of going for an exchange one day made me jump around the whole day! And quite frankly non of the Leadership, Global Learning Environments and Virtual Platforms were like not a big deal at that moment! All the opportunities were just nice words for me initially. The last reason was the conferences both national and international. And when I reflect now I don't see much of a change but the effects of Leadership, GLEs and etc has grown on me simply coz of my personal involvement and I see myself as a conference addict after these 3 years :D

Why do I call myself a Conference addict? If you have ever been to one you might know why :) The atmosphere in a conference is so friendly, lively and energetic and it makes you ask when is the next one :D I was privileged to attend quite few national and international conferences during these 3 years of my AIESEC carrier, Namely my first conference was NLDS - (National Leadership Development Seminar) 2008 and it was as a part of the delegation. Then had the chance to fly to Hong Kong for APXLDS 2009 for the regional conference as a part of the delegation to represent AIESEC Sri Lanka. I was a part of the Organising Committee of NLDS 2009 and I was a part of the faci team in MyLDS 2010 in Malaysia. My last conference was EQUIP 2011 in Sri Lanka and these are some of the highlights of my livin' the dream as an AIESECer :) (10 conferences including Singapore NLDS 2009) Yes I loved every bit through the way of all the conferences except for the last part of EQUIP this year! Knowing that it WILL be your last conference it way too hard than it sounds believe me!

I had my ups, I had my downs
I had my wows and I had my boos
Well my friend, there is no such place as this
To see you succeed and To see you fail
Enjoying both as much as the same
I had the time of my life
with no regrets without a doubt

So here am I signing off from a chapter of my life, A chapter to remember for a long time! I wanted to post this on the 30th but who knows what would happen in the future :D Good Luck for each and every AIESECer out there changing thousands of lives!!

Once an AIESECer is ALWAYS an AIESECer!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's the 1st of June

Hey Guys,

Today is the June 1st of 2011 and the days reminds me of 2 major things happened in my life exactly 1 year back. This is the day we took over from the Colombo South Local Committee for the term 2010/11 from the previous Term and This was the first time I played Mafia the Game :P

The EB term as the Local Committee Vice President-Out Going eXchange has been quite remarkable and extremely challenging. And after 1 year of commitment I have achieved 4 exchanges with a good diversification in the traineeships type and the countries. (Which doesn't include India) Though I personally take this as an achievement when you view it from a bird's eye view it's not so much of an achievement as much as a 200% growth ;)

This is the Best time to start over without making all those mistakes which I did in this term and move on having a good start. So let me introduce you my successor (It's an Irony that Conference Organising Committee members are into Out-Going eXchange and it's happened not just in our LC ;) ) Poorna Mollogoda and I wish him luck with all the plans he got the LC and I'll be willing to help out any time :)

Now it's time for me to hunt down another opportunity :D

Cheers! See you in few days time!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love at first fight!

Hey guys,

How are you? Hope you guys are having fun and looking forward for some existing stuff with the start of the next week :) I very much could say that I had a really twisting week and let the people who know it already will be the only people who'll ever know that but no one else hehe A bunch of things I did for the first time in my life :D

Well this is an exciting time period for any @er as this is the time period of transition and I here by wish the elect MC and all the elects of the LC EBs a wonderful term ahead and they are bound to smash all the achievements of the previous term which is 2010/11

And yeah I hope you guys are curious about the title of the post believe me so am I :) A facebook profile picture of one of my friends reminded me of something happened to me almost 2 years back. This is the photo I spoke of.

I don't wanna run through any details here. but it all started with a fight over a sugar cube and it was love at first fight but I was too proud to admit that and now the whole story has gone upside down and I quote that it's "Hate at last fight" Frankly whatever happened or happens all the memories will be stuck in my memory for good or for worse and I love it :)

Life doesn't has to stop anywhere! So the life moved on not me :D

Cheers and see you in few weeks time!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conferences and Sugar cubes! :)


How do you feel? How do you really feel> How do you really really feel?? I know most of you guys are pumped up with a whole bunch of excessive energy due to the EQUIP 2011 conference which finished only few days back. Now it's time to use that positive energy for the last sprint of this 3 months to create a massive difference! For all those who missed it what I have to say is that you kinda miss a opportunity of a life time :)

Getting back to my topic after the quick round of updates :P What is a conference and is a sugar cube? A conference is one of the element of the Global Learning Environment of AIESEC and AIESEC holds over 450 national & international conferences every year! These conferences currently serve as a major organizational activity support. At many of these conferences, and in many local events, AIESEC invites speakers to challenge us with their understanding and perspective.This expertise, whether from alumni, partners or members themselves, provide great opportunities for the membership/delegation to gain high quality information, knowledge and to engage our stakeholders in the learning environment.

What's a sugar cube? To get to know that first watch this video :)

How there awesome AIESEC conferences and sugar cubes are related? Yes to answer this question I have to come to a personal level. This is the informal method of communication with the loved AIESECers and friends in a series of conferences for me and it's fascinating to see how it evolves with your personal growth in the organization and friendships. Sometimes I'm dieing to stay till the end of the conference read what my colleagues and friends has written for me. Some of them are inspiring and some are sweet :D

I simply love to read all those when I have time here and there so I centralized all of them to a single book and I have all the sugar cubes from my first conference-NLDS 2008 to my last conference-EQUIP 2011 and I call it ""Where I have been?"

Loving all those memories I had as a delegate (national/international), OC member, facilitator (local, national and international) and out of all of them I love the origami rose :)

Cheers till next time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's been long and too long...

Hey AIESEC!!!!

I know I know!!! It's been long and too long with a single post in this blog! Even when I reflect on the fact that why I was away from these blogs nothing comes into my mind. May be I was too lazy log in :P

Anyway it's now or never right? This is something I love and why not start it again and keep doing this as long as I can? hmm this is surely a good thought and I got loads to update here!

Keep tuned in!