Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conferences and Sugar cubes! :)


How do you feel? How do you really feel> How do you really really feel?? I know most of you guys are pumped up with a whole bunch of excessive energy due to the EQUIP 2011 conference which finished only few days back. Now it's time to use that positive energy for the last sprint of this 3 months to create a massive difference! For all those who missed it what I have to say is that you kinda miss a opportunity of a life time :)

Getting back to my topic after the quick round of updates :P What is a conference and is a sugar cube? A conference is one of the element of the Global Learning Environment of AIESEC and AIESEC holds over 450 national & international conferences every year! These conferences currently serve as a major organizational activity support. At many of these conferences, and in many local events, AIESEC invites speakers to challenge us with their understanding and perspective.This expertise, whether from alumni, partners or members themselves, provide great opportunities for the membership/delegation to gain high quality information, knowledge and to engage our stakeholders in the learning environment.

What's a sugar cube? To get to know that first watch this video :)

How there awesome AIESEC conferences and sugar cubes are related? Yes to answer this question I have to come to a personal level. This is the informal method of communication with the loved AIESECers and friends in a series of conferences for me and it's fascinating to see how it evolves with your personal growth in the organization and friendships. Sometimes I'm dieing to stay till the end of the conference read what my colleagues and friends has written for me. Some of them are inspiring and some are sweet :D

I simply love to read all those when I have time here and there so I centralized all of them to a single book and I have all the sugar cubes from my first conference-NLDS 2008 to my last conference-EQUIP 2011 and I call it ""Where I have been?"

Loving all those memories I had as a delegate (national/international), OC member, facilitator (local, national and international) and out of all of them I love the origami rose :)

Cheers till next time!