Saturday, June 5, 2010

Root cause analysis :D

Oh man!!!!

It's been ages since I updated this blog!

I wonder what happened to *my passion* which was so over whelmed and over excited at that moment I had no intention what so ever but to start this and let other people know what I'm up to in AIESEC and here I'm waiting and looking at my own blog thinking what has gone wrong?

I'm clueless!! Damn!! Damn it!
Being busy? NO!! I don't think so! it's a pretty lame excuse for not doing what you have to do and what you like to do! (To be honest one of the lamest :( )

K then? Has my passion towards AIESEC gone down? NOPE! That's a BIG NOPE for sure. I know I'll end up in a revolutionary place in AIESEC for sure and this is just the beginning! AIESEC is the place where I learnt to dream higher and achieve your dreams. I'm dreaming BIG!

K then what actually has happened?

Aha!! Gottcha!

Misusing my important time for irrelevant things! This has been a GRAND :D issue with me coz I was not focused on what I really want and went after a lot of fancy thing! which pleases me for a while. hmmm it's time to change myself in those aspects and start growing BIG :) I have to keep my focus on What I want and What I like but NOT on other things! I must do what I have to do but NOT what I can do!

Starting with some blog posts :D coz it's something I like :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Before the beginning...

Hey AIESEC!!!!!

It's only the matter of a few minutes and the first conference of the Term 2010/11 to start off and this sure is gonna be an awesome event!

Some of the OC members are working their asses off and they are up untill now and they are occupied with some decorations and stuff. Only Nadheera, Mihiraka and myself are awake from the faci team. Grabbed my tea and I was going through my mails as well.

Gotta help these OC members as well who know if they need me or not ;)

Talk to you guys with more interesting details of the conference!
Till then adieus :)

p.s: Today is a birth day of one of our fellow facis (Miss Confusion aka miss T) and we did something sweet for her with the help of all the facis! and videos are coming up and belive me it's hilarious :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interesting thoughts from an unique individual

Heya guys!

What;s up? If you don't know I was having some free time the last couple of days thanks to a fever and a cough ;) and now back at my work station in the far far away kingdom with a lot of work to cover up and I'm so badly missing someone who's close to my heart! :)

Let's go for a quick mood check of mine! How do I feel? I feel excited and at the same time tired. It's the time of the year, when someone starts the new term of theirs and feels excited and yeah obviously I'm excited because of that and at the same time I'm super duper excited because of the IC CC teamster opportunity. I have almost completed my application and only few things left do be done and so as few days too. So gotta hurry up :)

Let me tell you why I was thought of applying at the first place. I got to know this amaizing person, who is really unique out of all the AIESECers met. It's the way he deals with people and life which is really unique. I got to know this person at the induction of mine and he was pretending to be a newie just like whereas he was an alumni by that timw and I got fooled in a GRAND scale. It was Rajith who did tis to me. He was sharing some of the experience about the CC experience once he had in Egypt in IPM 207. I was simply amaized by that and luckly IC 2010 came knocking on my door step of opportunities at literally the BEST moment life can offer. Rajith also shared few ideas about internships yesterday with me over the phone. What he quoted was that you can go for a internship of 2 months and just to visit the country. As he had one of the best exchange one can hope for (a TT at the ALCATEL, France) made me really influenced to apply. So here I'm completing my application here.

If you are interested you can grab the application from here (Deadline is 5th of June 2010 so hurry up :) ) and for all the people who are planning to apply to go on to the conference the delegate applications has been opened and the deadline is 15th June (find it here) and grab the 2nd delegate mailer from here too!

Hope I'll get selected to have this amaizing eXperience and if not I would say everything happens for the BEST ya?

Talk to you soon guys! Interesting things coming up :)
Happy AIESECin' !!!

AIESEC Leaders WANTED!!! campaign


Say what!! (It's the usual style of AIESEC in Philinhines :P)

In Twitter I was following @AIESECopps and I was used to seeing a lot of tweets on various opportunities there. It made me realize that in the recent past I haven't seen anything at all after browsing through some of the tweets. A sudden thought came in to my mind that I should do a samll search on the News section in and I did. Eventually I found something which is very interesting. Look what I found from here.

To make sure that the exchange opportunities are the ones the leaders want, a large part of this campaign is connecting them with the right opportunities, making this a RAISING and MATCHING campaign. So to support this, a database is being created, where you can advertise highest-quality internships to promote the opportunities most suited for EPs with LR. To find where to promote opportunities, check out the campaign wiki from here.

This is an awesome initiatie from AIESEC International to increase th growth of X+Ls! Have to look in to more details to make the process more effective for the LC :)

JXLDS coming up :) Till then keep AIESECin' :)

Now it's official....

5....... 4.......... 3.......... 2........... 1.............
It's *the* first of June and yeah we no longer are elects but we are currents now.
Yipeeeeeee :D and finally we can just cut off the part 'e' from the signatures

I thought of wirting what I felt at that moment even I didn't speak at that time as it was because of I hadn't time but not that I hadn't anything to say and sharing it with y'all :) Despite the facet that it literally was a hangover last night (31-05-2010) with all the Mafias, Serial Killers and Prostitutes at the take over party :P

The Time has come! To us to proove that we are the BEST out there and to prove the capacity we persure and our passion carved with dedication, commitment and excellence! When we look back from 1 years time we should be remembered and should be remembered for the good we did in AIESEC and for who we were, just like ledgend of AIESEC in Colombo South :)

Let me finish off with saying few words.. There are Some people I have to thank who helped me in all the possible ways. Niradh Perera the x LCP of Colombo south, I still remember the day you spoke to me about AIESEC and I'm always thankful for you for doing that :) and I still remember the way you stood by us when we were in the NLDS 2009 OC and it meant a lot. And the x LCVP TM Amila Weerarathna who simply is the best out there when it comes to TM in AIESEC in Sri Lanka for opening up my mind and change the way I look at things in AIESEC and believe me it helped me a lot. Janahan Thiruvalluvar, xLCVP IS & Comm (gotta thank him for the free rides he offered me :P )and Dinesh Thilina Fonseka, x lCVP ICX who did an awesome job in his field and I remember the way you helped us out in the NLDS 2009. Venuje Weerasekara x LCVP ER & F, Thank you for your care and finally Inas Jenabdden x LCVP OGX and LCP current for all the good times LOL :D

Wish the new EB and the EBs of other LCs and Extensions (JLC, CN and CX) a rocking and a kick-a$$ term and so goes for the MC and for All the members in AIESEC in Sri Lanka as well ;)

Good Luck!
Keep AIESECin' :)