Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now it's official....

5....... 4.......... 3.......... 2........... 1.............
It's *the* first of June and yeah we no longer are elects but we are currents now.
Yipeeeeeee :D and finally we can just cut off the part 'e' from the signatures

I thought of wirting what I felt at that moment even I didn't speak at that time as it was because of I hadn't time but not that I hadn't anything to say and sharing it with y'all :) Despite the facet that it literally was a hangover last night (31-05-2010) with all the Mafias, Serial Killers and Prostitutes at the take over party :P

The Time has come! To us to proove that we are the BEST out there and to prove the capacity we persure and our passion carved with dedication, commitment and excellence! When we look back from 1 years time we should be remembered and should be remembered for the good we did in AIESEC and for who we were, just like ledgend of AIESEC in Colombo South :)

Let me finish off with saying few words.. There are Some people I have to thank who helped me in all the possible ways. Niradh Perera the x LCP of Colombo south, I still remember the day you spoke to me about AIESEC and I'm always thankful for you for doing that :) and I still remember the way you stood by us when we were in the NLDS 2009 OC and it meant a lot. And the x LCVP TM Amila Weerarathna who simply is the best out there when it comes to TM in AIESEC in Sri Lanka for opening up my mind and change the way I look at things in AIESEC and believe me it helped me a lot. Janahan Thiruvalluvar, xLCVP IS & Comm (gotta thank him for the free rides he offered me :P )and Dinesh Thilina Fonseka, x lCVP ICX who did an awesome job in his field and I remember the way you helped us out in the NLDS 2009. Venuje Weerasekara x LCVP ER & F, Thank you for your care and finally Inas Jenabdden x LCVP OGX and LCP current for all the good times LOL :D

Wish the new EB and the EBs of other LCs and Extensions (JLC, CN and CX) a rocking and a kick-a$$ term and so goes for the MC and for All the members in AIESEC in Sri Lanka as well ;)

Good Luck!
Keep AIESECin' :)

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