Friday, June 4, 2010

Before the beginning...

Hey AIESEC!!!!!

It's only the matter of a few minutes and the first conference of the Term 2010/11 to start off and this sure is gonna be an awesome event!

Some of the OC members are working their asses off and they are up untill now and they are occupied with some decorations and stuff. Only Nadheera, Mihiraka and myself are awake from the faci team. Grabbed my tea and I was going through my mails as well.

Gotta help these OC members as well who know if they need me or not ;)

Talk to you guys with more interesting details of the conference!
Till then adieus :)

p.s: Today is a birth day of one of our fellow facis (Miss Confusion aka miss T) and we did something sweet for her with the help of all the facis! and videos are coming up and belive me it's hilarious :D

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