Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AIESEC Leaders WANTED!!! campaign


Say what!! (It's the usual style of AIESEC in Philinhines :P)

In Twitter I was following @AIESECopps and I was used to seeing a lot of tweets on various opportunities there. It made me realize that in the recent past I haven't seen anything at all after browsing through some of the tweets. A sudden thought came in to my mind that I should do a samll search on the News section in myaiesec.net and I did. Eventually I found something which is very interesting. Look what I found from here.

To make sure that the exchange opportunities are the ones the leaders want, a large part of this campaign is connecting them with the right opportunities, making this a RAISING and MATCHING campaign. So to support this, a database is being created, where you can advertise highest-quality internships to promote the opportunities most suited for EPs with LR. To find where to promote opportunities, check out the campaign wiki from here.

This is an awesome initiatie from AIESEC International to increase th growth of X+Ls! Have to look in to more details to make the process more effective for the LC :)

JXLDS coming up :) Till then keep AIESECin' :)

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