Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interesting thoughts from an unique individual

Heya guys!

What;s up? If you don't know I was having some free time the last couple of days thanks to a fever and a cough ;) and now back at my work station in the far far away kingdom with a lot of work to cover up and I'm so badly missing someone who's close to my heart! :)

Let's go for a quick mood check of mine! How do I feel? I feel excited and at the same time tired. It's the time of the year, when someone starts the new term of theirs and feels excited and yeah obviously I'm excited because of that and at the same time I'm super duper excited because of the IC CC teamster opportunity. I have almost completed my application and only few things left do be done and so as few days too. So gotta hurry up :)

Let me tell you why I was thought of applying at the first place. I got to know this amaizing person, who is really unique out of all the AIESECers met. It's the way he deals with people and life which is really unique. I got to know this person at the induction of mine and he was pretending to be a newie just like whereas he was an alumni by that timw and I got fooled in a GRAND scale. It was Rajith who did tis to me. He was sharing some of the experience about the CC experience once he had in Egypt in IPM 207. I was simply amaized by that and luckly IC 2010 came knocking on my door step of opportunities at literally the BEST moment life can offer. Rajith also shared few ideas about internships yesterday with me over the phone. What he quoted was that you can go for a internship of 2 months and just to visit the country. As he had one of the best exchange one can hope for (a TT at the ALCATEL, France) made me really influenced to apply. So here I'm completing my application here.

If you are interested you can grab the application from here (Deadline is 5th of June 2010 so hurry up :) ) and for all the people who are planning to apply to go on to the conference the delegate applications has been opened and the deadline is 15th June (find it here) and grab the 2nd delegate mailer from here too!

Hope I'll get selected to have this amaizing eXperience and if not I would say everything happens for the BEST ya?

Talk to you soon guys! Interesting things coming up :)
Happy AIESECin' !!!

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