Saturday, June 5, 2010

Root cause analysis :D

Oh man!!!!

It's been ages since I updated this blog!

I wonder what happened to *my passion* which was so over whelmed and over excited at that moment I had no intention what so ever but to start this and let other people know what I'm up to in AIESEC and here I'm waiting and looking at my own blog thinking what has gone wrong?

I'm clueless!! Damn!! Damn it!
Being busy? NO!! I don't think so! it's a pretty lame excuse for not doing what you have to do and what you like to do! (To be honest one of the lamest :( )

K then? Has my passion towards AIESEC gone down? NOPE! That's a BIG NOPE for sure. I know I'll end up in a revolutionary place in AIESEC for sure and this is just the beginning! AIESEC is the place where I learnt to dream higher and achieve your dreams. I'm dreaming BIG!

K then what actually has happened?

Aha!! Gottcha!

Misusing my important time for irrelevant things! This has been a GRAND :D issue with me coz I was not focused on what I really want and went after a lot of fancy thing! which pleases me for a while. hmmm it's time to change myself in those aspects and start growing BIG :) I have to keep my focus on What I want and What I like but NOT on other things! I must do what I have to do but NOT what I can do!

Starting with some blog posts :D coz it's something I like :)

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