Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Journey!!

Hey friends,

How you guys have been? Except for the fact that super busy? :D It's the busiest era for an AIESECer with the transition activities and planning and so on and so forth. I couldn't write much here so I thought of saying few words about my journey in this wonderful organisation but briefly. As per another reason these are the last few days of my AIESEC life and even I need to look back and reflect on things happened during the last 3 years :)

I got to know AIESEC via a classmate and a good friend of mine, Keheliya and by that time he was super involved with AIESEC and then again I joined in my 2nd year. Purely to the fact that I was too busy concentrating on my academics and making good grades in the first year though I knew where I wanted to end up for the rest of the 3 years were more than achievable. And Once I got to my 2nd year the rat race was off and I had plenty of time left. I thought of investing it to something out of which I'll be able to give something back to the society and at the end of the it develops me as well. So AIESEC was my no1 choice without a doubt simply coz I was amazed by the charms of Niradh (Who's the elect MCP for the Term of 2011/12) :P Yeah he was a batch-mate and it made me get to know about AIESEC and learn about it more!

If I reflect why I joined AIESEC initially is that the way they presented themselves. It was quite unique and that uniqueness had an attraction for this organisation as well. To be honest the 2nd reason was non other than the eXchange program and yeah it surely was an eye-catcher! I was ready to go on exchange then and there literally and the thought of going for an exchange one day made me jump around the whole day! And quite frankly non of the Leadership, Global Learning Environments and Virtual Platforms were like not a big deal at that moment! All the opportunities were just nice words for me initially. The last reason was the conferences both national and international. And when I reflect now I don't see much of a change but the effects of Leadership, GLEs and etc has grown on me simply coz of my personal involvement and I see myself as a conference addict after these 3 years :D

Why do I call myself a Conference addict? If you have ever been to one you might know why :) The atmosphere in a conference is so friendly, lively and energetic and it makes you ask when is the next one :D I was privileged to attend quite few national and international conferences during these 3 years of my AIESEC carrier, Namely my first conference was NLDS - (National Leadership Development Seminar) 2008 and it was as a part of the delegation. Then had the chance to fly to Hong Kong for APXLDS 2009 for the regional conference as a part of the delegation to represent AIESEC Sri Lanka. I was a part of the Organising Committee of NLDS 2009 and I was a part of the faci team in MyLDS 2010 in Malaysia. My last conference was EQUIP 2011 in Sri Lanka and these are some of the highlights of my livin' the dream as an AIESECer :) (10 conferences including Singapore NLDS 2009) Yes I loved every bit through the way of all the conferences except for the last part of EQUIP this year! Knowing that it WILL be your last conference it way too hard than it sounds believe me!

I had my ups, I had my downs
I had my wows and I had my boos
Well my friend, there is no such place as this
To see you succeed and To see you fail
Enjoying both as much as the same
I had the time of my life
with no regrets without a doubt

So here am I signing off from a chapter of my life, A chapter to remember for a long time! I wanted to post this on the 30th but who knows what would happen in the future :D Good Luck for each and every AIESECer out there changing thousands of lives!!

Once an AIESECer is ALWAYS an AIESECer!


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