Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's the 1st of June

Hey Guys,

Today is the June 1st of 2011 and the days reminds me of 2 major things happened in my life exactly 1 year back. This is the day we took over from the Colombo South Local Committee for the term 2010/11 from the previous Term and This was the first time I played Mafia the Game :P

The EB term as the Local Committee Vice President-Out Going eXchange has been quite remarkable and extremely challenging. And after 1 year of commitment I have achieved 4 exchanges with a good diversification in the traineeships type and the countries. (Which doesn't include India) Though I personally take this as an achievement when you view it from a bird's eye view it's not so much of an achievement as much as a 200% growth ;)

This is the Best time to start over without making all those mistakes which I did in this term and move on having a good start. So let me introduce you my successor (It's an Irony that Conference Organising Committee members are into Out-Going eXchange and it's happened not just in our LC ;) ) Poorna Mollogoda and I wish him luck with all the plans he got the LC and I'll be willing to help out any time :)

Now it's time for me to hunt down another opportunity :D

Cheers! See you in few days time!

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