Saturday, May 15, 2010

Everything has a first time right?

In this short period of time where I have been in AIESEC my to do list has evolved with the time. When I know it's time to take up various positions and all the challenges, I have done them with passion and now it's time to take up one of the ultimate personal goals in my AIESEC carrier and that would be facilitating :) Yes it's time!! Step up.....!! Start with a local conference and go for international conferences to facilitate and continue facilitation as much as I can! Not bad as a thought and goal for an ambitious AIESECer eh? :p

I have been selected as a facilitator in one of the local conference hosted by JLC and the name of the conference is JXLDS 2010-11. I have to thank all the OC members for putting their time on organising such an event and hope things will go smoothly as well :)

Tonight would be the first faci meeting in my life and I'm looking forward to it!! Wish me luck and I'll get used to looooong faci meetings and discussions in the future hahaha :D

Interesting things are coming up! Stay tuned :D and I'm entangled with the LC OGX planning here as well. Let's make it happen :)

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